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August 2016 Update

Posted on August 18th, 2016

Hey folks –
Change has once again come to the DoubleBear page! We present to you the deliciousness of the August 2016 update:

  • PANIC in the Multiverse! See the wonder of our brand new IP and game-in-development featuring a cast of insane characters from all over the Multiverse! Gasp in awe at the JRPG-inspired tug-of-war combat and the roster of weird heroes!
  • PANIC at Multiverse High! Behold the parody visual novel/otome game about the inexplicable cast of PANIC ending up in high school for some reason, and it’s up to you to figure out what’s going on! And it’s even out now on STEAM!
  • Our very own forums! Swarm on and soak up the joy of talking about your favorite DoubleBear stuff! Well, I mean our games, but also I guess you could discuss the DoubleBear too! I’m not your boss, after all! What’s it like? Favorite movies, hobbies? The list is seemingly endless!

So enjoy the bounty of this page, and thanks for making it a DoubleBear Day*!
All the best
the DB Team

* not actually a saying, this should probably never be posted again.